Frozen Pork Rind

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Frozen Pork Rind Supplier
* 100% Organic Food
* 100% Fresh Not Chemicals
* Style: Fresh / Frozen
* Freezing Process: BQF
* Packaging: 10/15/20 kg Cartons
* Storage Type: Frozen Storage
– well cleaned and fresh
– no bruise
– no black flaw
– no amount of moisture (less than 3%)
– no broken bones
– outer yellow skin off
– well cleaned and fresh
– no bruises
– no black pads or ammonia burns
– no bad smells
– No Broken bones, Dry,
– The humidity of less than 5%,
– Frozen and fresh 100%,
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Approved and SGS Inspected
We operate the best Pork farms in Brazil. Our farms ensures a year-round supply of organic pigs that are raised without hormones, antibiotics, or animal byproducts. They are always humanely treated, which means they are never kept in farrowing or gestation crates, and have access to outdoor pasture and clean straw winter bedding and shelter. The unique Duroc/Landrace/Berkshire crossbreed ensures consistent, well-marbled and juicy—yet not overly fatty—Pork. The best, cleanest tasting Pork comes from well-cared-for pigs raised in their natural environment on high quality, all-vegetable, organic grain-fed diets.
Raised Without Antibiotics
GMO Free
As a Brazilian wholesale frozen Meat Manufacturer, Supplier, distributor and exporter, We offer an extensive list of premium quality frozen chicken, Beef and Pork brand names your company can trust. Our products are from top-tier, fully certified and ISO compliant plants with a complete engagement from processing to delivery. Our quality and highly demanded brands is what sets us aside. Pork, flesh of mature pigs.


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